SRC 3-22-17 DB Knowledge is Power

March 24, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that we must be knowledgeable about the enemy and his devices. The devil doesn't want us to know that we can be free from spirits. Spirits can on be manifested through a body.



Bitterness - can stem from anger

Lust - perversion

Jealousy - Always critical

Familiar spirits - makes you feel inadequate, inferior, doubt the Word of God

Fear - timidity and cowardice


Satan is an accuser of the brethren. Spirits can destroy an individual, household or church. Familiar spirits can work in divination or a conjurer.  It can pull information about a person, place or thing. Spirits attract spirits. You will become by who you surround yourself with. Spirits do not die. We must work on the inside man.


SRC 3-19-17 DB Running Out Of Time

March 22, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that we are living in a day where Satan is trying to distract and destroy the church. His plan is to hinder the church. When you get a revelation of God, you have to go through a period of being tried. God has a plan to overcome all of Satan's devices. We must redeem the time! When the plans of the devil come against the people of God the anointing will overturn those plans. We have the keys and we must demand these things back from the devil:






Get your stuff back from hell!


SRC 3-19-17 LB2 Angels And Demons

March 20, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches and warns the people about demonic influences and angels. Demons can quote scriptures. Once you are touched by the supernatural you can never be normal again. The devil comes subtly. There is pleasure in sin for a season. Certain things can come in and open the door to demonic forces. He shared the testimony of Rio's night terrors. A demonic deception will overtake you. Do you want demons or angels to rule in your life? Choose angels!


SRC 3-13-17 Perry Stone The year of Jubilee

March 15, 2017

Pastor Perry preaches that we can reverse a satanic prophesy. Satan pays attention to people who have favor with God. Satan can see supernatural protection around us. Satan gives a satanic prophesy. Demons know who Jesus is! Demons will worship God! Demons pray and know what there doom is. The devil can quote scripture. The devil will distort the Word. Prophetic words can come through people. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. The occult rules Savannah GA. The enemy can cause you to walk in a self fulfilling prophecy. God doesn't give you a word and then take it back.


SRC 3-12-17 Perry Stone How To Reverse A Satanic Prophesy

March 13, 2017

Pastor Perry preaches that we can reverse a satanic prophesy. Satan pays attention to people who have favor with God. Satan can see supernatural protection around us. Satan gives a satanic prophesy. Demons know who Jesus is! Demons will worship God! Demons pray and know what there doom is. The devil can quote scripture. The devil will distort the Word. Prophetic words can come through people. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. The occult rules Savannah GA. The enemy can cause you to walk in a self fulfilling prophecy. God doesn't give you a word and then take it back. 


SRC 3-8-17 LB2 The Forgotten Password Part 5

March 10, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series on holiness. Sin has no dominion over you! However you can be enticed by your own lusts. You will either be a slave to sin or righteousness. Most Christians won't make it to heaven. Narrow is the gate.

Projected Image - How You see yourself

Perceived Image - How others see you.

Actual Image - How you really are.

Jesus was only concerned about how God perceived him. He only sees us how we actually are. "I'd rather be more than I appear to be than to appear to be more than I am." You will serve who you fear. Man's opinion will drive the projected and perceived images. Holiness is where Jesus is. Without it we cannot see him. We should pray that God makes us hyper sensitive to His voice. Holiness is not just for you. It's for those that you will help.


SRC 3-5-17 LB2 The Forgotten Password Part 4

March 8, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series on holiness. Holiness disrupts the patterns of our flesh. Your spirit man should be the boss of your flesh. 2 Tim 3:1-5. People have a form of godliness - from these turn away. This generation has a false Christianity. When we are close to God He will send others to you for ministry.  You cannot have a chain breaking anointing unless you are living in holiness. If we believe we can do the same things that Jesus did. The kingdom of God is within you - this is why holiness is required. If you want power you must live in holiness!


SRC 3-5-17 DB Are You A Worker Or A Shirker

March 6, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that we have to build up the kingdom one person at a time. Shirker is someone who is unwilling to do the minimum. We are our brother's keeper. We must witness and extend the kingdom of God! We must tell the world is hope!!!! Your possession of the good news is your responsibility to share it. People should see the Christ in you. Let your light shine!!! Judgement seat is where we give an account of everything that we have done. Our works are evidence of our relationship with Christ. We must work while it is day! Have a heart for God and have a boldness to proclaim it!!!


SRC 3-1-17 DB Time To Reap

March 3, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that we can reap joy through our tears. It confuses the enemy when he throws stuff at us but we still have joy. God bottles up our tears! Our tears are liquid love that only God can interpret. ❤ Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.


SRC 2-26-17 DB Your Midnight Is Almost Over

March 1, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that  a new day doesn't begin at daybreak but instead when it's still dark at midnight! Teaching is telling you things that you don't know and preaching is proclaiming that which you already know. We can weep while we are going through but joy comes through at midnight! Dark times don't last. We should pray and sing praises to God. If you are facing a dark place praise God. When we cry we touch the heart of God.


SRC 2-26-17 LB2 The Forgotten Password Part 3

February 27, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series on holiness.  He reminds us that we can mis-use words and not know the true use of holiness. The enemy tries to wear out the Saints.  Make you tired. Satan can make you fall for things that you never would unless you're tired. The devil can distract the men, which can cause the family to deteriorate. Men should be the High Priest of the home. God dwells in holiness. We should be sanctified- set apart for sacred use, cleansed, made holy. God's vessels can drink of the world and become tainted. We should be clean and unobstructed with sin, so that God can flow through us for His purposes and plans.


SRC 2-22-17 LB2 The Forgotten Password Part 2

February 24, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series on holiness. We cannot allow things like bitterness and sexual immorality to keep us from walking in holiness. We must pursue holiness! If God hates it we should hate it. If God loves it we should love it. We will not fall if we make our calling and election sure. We have a grace period but He gives us tools to walk in holiness. It's better to be lost than to be saved and backslide. 2 Peter 2:20-22. We can be slaves to sin. If you knew what you were doing grieved the heart of God, you would not do it. Live so that God is pleased with you.


SRC 2-19-17 LB2 The Forgotten Password

February 22, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that we can misuse the word "holiness". The word holiness should not mean legalism. You are lukewarm if you are no longer offended by sin. Without holiness no man shall see Him. People that were burnt by legalism run from true holiness. Holiness is not something that grace delivered you from. Sexual sins are difficult because the desire is natural. Sexual sin can lead to every other sin. When you kill the biggest giant the rest will leave. We don't pick which demons come in, once we open the door to sin. Be holy as He is holy. Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness.


SRC 2-19-17 DB Who’s John Harper

February 20, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches and shares the testimony of John Harper. She cries out and pleads that we travail for souls. She asks where are the intercessors? We should never stop sighing and crying for the abominations of this world. We must have a heart for the lost. Give us souls Lord unless we die. 


SRC 2-12-17 DB No Shortcuts

February 15, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that there are no shortcuts to God's anointing. You cannot bypass the cross! God won't use unclean things.

Two things we need to do to know God - fellowship and obedience






Obedience - you must be obedient to his word.

The anointing will cost you something. If you want the anointing you will have to turn from some things. The things you turn from is worth what you get in return from God. If the devil has a place in your life then God can't use you. Keep your mind stayed on Jesus! Ask God if He loves or hates the things in your life.


SRC 2-12-17 LB2 I Love A God Story

February 13, 2017

Pastor LBII tells testimonies of God's goodness! You can only help the world if you are separate from the world. A brother's trouble is answered by another brother's heart. Told the story of Elvis' victory in wrestling. We always triumph in Christ! We may be in the middle of our God story!


SRC 2-8-17 Dr. James Marocco My Redeemer Lives

February 10, 2017

Dr Marocco preaches that Job was prophesied of Jesus.  Job is a prototype of Jesus. Job gets a double blessing. Our redeemer has come and He lives! God has come to save us. Satan is defeated! He has never been the opposite of God. He is not all powerful.  He is under Jesus and our feet. We have a hedge of protection over us.  Sin can cause a gap in our hedge. God's intention is to bless you like he did Job. So we may be a blessing. We must preserve! If we preserve God will perform miracles in our lives.


SRC 2-5-17 LB2 If You Please

February 8, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that if we please our Heavenly Father it's greater than anything. We cannot compare ourselves to other Christians. Don't bury your talents. If you use the talent that God gives you He will trust you with more. Jesus can love you but not be not be pleased with you. God is just as pleased with a nursery worker as he is with Darlene Bishop! If you give to the Kingdom you are credited with those souls that are saved. True preaching can make people leave or make them an army.


SRC 2-5-17 DB Storms

February 5, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that Jesus is the Master of every storm. You don't know who you are until you are in a storm. Praise the Lord for bringing you out of previous storms. We are sheltered in the storm. Stop letting the fear of a storm rule your life! You will make it to the other side. If you want to be with God you want to get away from the multitude. Multitudes are in it for what they can get for themselves. God is with you! Peace be still! When you are going through a storm it will show you your true attitude towards God. Do you trust Him? We may be in a storm because we have deferred on a vow made to God. Pearls are made from irritation. The "Sun/Son" is always there when we come through the storm. The harder the storm the quicker it will be over.


SRC 2-1-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself Part 4

February 3, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to remember our victories as faith for our current struggles. If we abide in Jesus we should walk as He walked! Jesus will back us up when we have faith in His power. No time will ever be wasted when you're walking in your destiny. Your purpose is about the Kingdom. With Faith we can destroy the works of the devil. Ask God for more power!


SRC 1-29-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself Part 3

February 1, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to use our past victories as faith for our current challenges. When you talk about Jesus a whole new world opens up to you. We should be concerned about things that add to my life in this life and the life to come. Step out of your tent to see the big picture! God's painkillers are not instant but it is permanent. Satan's painkillers are instant but temporary. God has you here for a reason. God will kill every giant if we only trust in Him. Give your testimony more.


SRC 1-29-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself Part 2

January 30, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to remember those victories that God gave us, to give us faith for the next victory. We receive according to our faith. The power of God is for you if you are ready to receive it. Our victories are not just for ourselves. We should desire a power-filled life. We have the authority to pray and get results. Praise God before you get the victory. We cannot be lukewarm


SRC 1-25-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself

January 27, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that if the Lord made a way the last time He will make a way this time. If we hang in there victory will repeat itself. God is bigger than any giant that you may face. If you trust in God victory will repeat itself. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself in the Lord! Build an altar to remember that God has helped you in the past and to ask God what you should do next.


SRC 1-22-17 LB2 The Hard Part

January 23, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that the hard part is not doing a thing but asking for people to desire more of God. The greatest critics of the anointing are those who have no anointing. If we want more fruit go after the produce truck. The hard part is believing. Why aren't you asking God for the things that we think are too hard for Him? When was the last time you asked God for a double portion of God's anointing? Act like your God is big!!! God doesn't respond to your need but to your faith. God responds when we pray loudly with desperation. If we touch God He will make us whole. Miracles are easy for Jesus. God will never waste our tears, faith or desperation.


SRC 1-15-17 LB2 My Reverse Is Broken

January 18, 2017

Pastor LBII encourages us to never back out of saying yes to God! Some People can't get over themselves. We must continue to move forward in Jesus. When we say yes to Jesus he makes all things new. Know that there is nothing to go back to. Count the cost before you say yes to being possessed by Jesus. God demands all or nothing. You will have to admit who you are before God will bless you.


SRC 1-15-17 DB The Benefits Of Fasting

January 16, 2017

Pastor Darlene teaches why it is important to fast. Fasting will bring forth those areas of weakness in our lives. Fasting will help us to be free from sin. Our appetite should be for the things of God. What needs to be changed for God in our lives? We must prepare ourselves spiritually to fast. Ask God to reveal to us what areas are . Plan your prayer time. Plan a time to be alone with God. The greater time of meditation the greater your results. Fasting will give you energy and make you more sensitive to God. Fasting will renew your vision. Fasting will humble you. Fasting will establish who is the master and the servant of your body. Fasting will bring a spiritual revival. Fasting will give you more of God!


SRC 1-11-17 LB2 Seek, Find, Repeat part 3

January 13, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series on seeking God. Spiritual anorexia is harder to detect than physical. Black Belt Mentality is when you stop seeking something. No one has ever backslidden who is seeking God with their whole hearts. Our flesh gravitates toward sin, this is why we must continually seek God. Seek God daily! There is a fine line between anointing and annoying. Am I surrounding myself with people that encourage me to be more spiritual? If you are the most spiritual person in your crew then you need a new crew! If you have Any job change , shift change, etc. we should ask ourselves if this will hinder our spiritual lives. God will put the bully the devil in his place.


3 Reasons to seek God:


1-Because you love Him!

2-Because our flesh is rotten.

3-Because we have an adversary named the devil!


SRC 1-8-17 DB The Three Trick Devil

January 11, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that there are 3 tricks that the devil will try the saints on - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Two enemies- the devil and our flesh. The lust of the flesh appeals to our desires. Lust of the eyes is a longing for the forbidden. The pride of life is being haughty. Sin doesn't come all at once. Hide the word in your heart so you won't sin against God. The devil will try to get you back to where you used to be. You should fast weekly. Fasting will give you power. Fasting and prayer is a normal part of a Christian's life. When you look at certain things you can open up a gateway to the devil. Don't get ready but be ready! We must deny ourselves! God honors our sacrifice.


SRC 1-8-17 DB The Three Trick Devil

January 11, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that there are 3 tricks that the devil will try the saints on - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Two enemies- the devil and our flesh. The lust of the flesh appeals to our desires. Lust of the eyes is a longing for the forbidden. The pride of life is being haughty. Sin doesn't come all at once. Hide the word in your heart so you won't sin against God. The devil will try to get you back to where you used to be. You should fast weekly. Fasting will give you power. Fasting and prayer is a normal part of a Christian's life. When you look at certain things you can open up a gateway to the devil. Don't get ready but be ready! We must deny ourselves! God honors our sacrifice.


SRC 1-8-17 LB2 Seek Find Repeat Part 2 Seek Or Sink

January 9, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series on continually seeking God. No one has lost a battle when you are seeking God with your whole heart. Sometimes deliverance is a process. To break the chains in your life pant after the heart of God. There may only be 1% that seek God, but be in that 1%. You will never regret seeking God. God will not bless you above the accursed thing in your "stuff". Narrow is the way and few that find it. Though you bear long God will avenge you speedily! Seek and He shall be found. Knock and the door shall be open. We may have dry seasons, this is normal. We still need to seek God. Sometimes we have to seek or sink!


SRC 1-4-17 LB2 Seek, Find, Repeat

January 6, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that this is the 'the black belt mentality', death sentence to your walk with God. We should never seek, find and stop. No one has ever backslidden when you seek God with your whole heart. If you seek God with your whole heart you will find Him. We can never stop seeking God. It's an adventure to seek God. The biggest addiction is being addicted to ourselves. Your flesh is rotten without the Holy Spirit. Do not promote lukewarmness and sin. Blessings are in seeking God.


SRC 1-1-17 Beth Stephens New Year’s Day

January 4, 2017

Beth preaches that we can move forward from where we've been. Gather up the fragments that remain - so that nothing may be lost. The enemy that we have seen in the past the Lord says that we will not see them again. We should get our baskets out and remember what the Lord has done for us. When you delight yourself in the Lord He will give you the desires of your heart. The Lord keeps a record of what He has done for us! We should also keep a record. No matter how bad it looks the same God that's brought you through other things will bring you through this!!!


SRC 12-31-16 New Year’s Eve Service

January 2, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that we cannot go forward looking back. God put a deep sleep over the devil.


Beth Stephens Preaches When you are doing what God called you to do the devil will come and attack. The enemy will fasten on you but we need to shake it off!!!!! Be obedient to God and you will have His favor. Shake off sin!


Pastor LBII preaches that the devil will offer you things that he doesn't have to give. The devil will give you short term happiness and long term bondage. We must shake off sin! Don't mix the anointing with sin! Get behind me devil! Don't go past the point of no return!


SRC 12-28-16 DB The Gift Part 4

December 30, 2016

Pastor Darlene continues her series and teaches on the Gifts of the Spirit. God gives the gifts to whom He will.



Word of Wisdom

Word of knowledge



The working of miracles


Discerning of Spirits

Divers kinda of tongues

Interpretation of tongues

Some people allow their gifts  to lie dormant. The purpose of the gifts to confirm the word. Anyone can desire them. You can have more than one. You can receive gifts through faith, prayer, desire. If you don't have the Holy Spirit in you then you are living beneath your privileges. When you get a picture in your mind you can have it. None of us can stay uncommitted indefinitely- you will either fall away from God or you will love Him more.


SRC 12-25-16 LB2 What Jesus Really Wants For Christmas

December 26, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that Christmas is the time to be most thankful. We can take things that are always there for granted. Jesus wants people to be thankful. Don't be bi-polar with Jesus! We should keep Jesus on our minds. Meditate on Him. Christmas is all about Jesus!! Jesus' birth was of a virgin. The only thing that separates us from us and the devil is the blood of Jesus!!!


SRC 12-21-16 LB2 Welcome To War

December 23, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we are not fighting in the natural but in the Spirit. The enemy wants to distract us! 40 represents a time of testing. Day 41 is always a day of victory! 2017 is a day of victory for the church! If you have the Holy Spirit and a prayer life you are like a Navy Seal in the spirit! It cost something to have power to fight the devil. You cannot win a war if you are doing what the world does. The very thing that the devil tried to kill you with, is the very thing that you can use to destroy him! 


SRC 12-18-16 LB2 Satan, I’ve Changed My Mind Part 2 An All Star Cast

December 21, 2016

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to launch out a little deeper. Go where the fish are. Cast our nets out deeper. How long will you be on the other side of righteousness. At thy word! It doesn't have to make sense, but if God said it then it's going to happen! One act of obedience will make the difference. Lord break our nets!!!


SRC 12-18-16 DB Our Greatest Gift

December 19, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches about the our greatest gift- Jesus.  We must offer the King our worship. What are we offering to Him? The opposite of righteousness is common. We don't want to offer God anything that is common. We should give God our lives, our time, our money. We should evaluate what time we have left. Time can be up at any time. Redeeming the time! Time is up! Don't give your time to those who don't want to go anywhere. God gave us time. Time is  more valuable than money. Christmas is not a holiday but a birthday!!!! Don't waste your time but redeem it.


SRC 12-14-16 DB The Gift Part 3

December 16, 2016

Pastor Darlene continues her series on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit takes what we say and makes it a sweet smelling savor in the nostrils of God. When the disciples came out of that Upper Room they had power!!! The Holy Spirit gives us weapons of mass destruction!

Comforter - one called beside you to help.

We must pray in the Holy Spirit.

Infirmities- When you can't help yourself.

Damn - to doom to destruction. Speaking in tongues is The Holy Spirit praying through us for us! The Holy Spirit's thoughts go above our thoughts. We should desire for the Holy Spirit to direct our paths.


SRC 12-11-16 DB How Do We Win This Fight

December 14, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that we have 3 enemies the flesh, the world and the devil. We have a God-hating flesh. We have two natures - good and evil. When we get born again the Spirit will begins to gives your flesh orders. When the Holy Spirit comes in, we can see things that the enemy set up for us to fall. We must beat our flesh into subjection daily. Our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. We are in a battle with two natures. Whichever nature dominates will take control.


How do we win the fight:


1. Learn to fight!

2. Starve your flesh.

3.Feed your new nature.

( Eat the Word )


Ways to overcome the flesh:


1. Amputation

2. Mortification - mortify your members (allow it to die).

3. Elimination - Every sin is a weight.

No matter what you have done your purpose is still waiting on you.


SRC 12-11-16 LB2 Satan, I’ve Changed My Mind

December 12, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that people can become restless in a lukewarm state, but you can always change your mind and go back to being hot for God! Satan knows that he can't curse what God has blessed. No roots, witch, curses etc can ever cross the blood line. We can have an invisible state of favor on our lives. Satan understands favor! Don't defend your sin! We must remember to be thankful! Don't attach yourself to citizens of another country. Throw down the slop bucket and tell Satan I changed my mind!


SRC 12-7-16 LB2 The Eyes Have It Part 2

December 9, 2016

Pastor LBII continues his series and preaches everything that disagrees with the word of God is a lie. There is only one truth. We must look through our spiritual eyes. Favor is fair. When we are before God's face and we have integrity we will obtain his favor. The greatest thing that we can do for that cannot be seen by others. Motives or intent cannot be documented. Man does what's right in his own eyes. We should pray that God close the gap between where we are and where he wants us to be. Our minds are sinful by nature and they war against God. Satan comes as a angel of light to deceive us. God's will never contradicts his Word.


SRC 12-4-16 LB2 The Eyes Have It

December 7, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we must allow our spiritual eyes to be greater than our natural eyes. If faith comes by hearing so can fear. The worlds report must be filtered through the eyes of faith. If you are gripped by fear- turn off the tv. Read your bible. Don't let what others say to hinder your faith. The people that you are closest to are the ones that hurt you the most. Pride will not fit over God's anointing. You should use satan's own words against him.


SRC 12-4-16 DB The Gift Part 2

December 5, 2016

Pastor Darlene continues her series on the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are body soul and spirit. The Holy Spirit draws me and women to God. The Holy Spirit is a person with a free will. Everything we need to defeat Satan is found in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will speak through you. We have power over all devils!!! Power=Dunamas=The capability to do. We are called to be witnesses! The Holy Spirit will do spiritual warfare. When you hide the Word in your heart the Holy Spirit will pull it out when you need it. We should commune with the the Holy Spirit. You need the Holy Spirit to worship God! Love, peace, joy and righteousness is in the Holy Spirit. God will not give you power to do nothing.


SRC 11-30-16 Jason Bowman Take It Back

December 2, 2016

Pastor Jason preaches that the enemy is after our promise but through God we can take it back! The spirit of hatred and racism are lies from the enemy to  cause division. The enemy wants to steal from us but we must take it back! Anything that we can touch or put our foot on, we can have it. Sometimes we must encourage ourselves. The enemy is after the territory in your life. The effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much! We're in a spiritual battle! The kingdom of God sufferers violence and the violent take it by force!!!!


SRC 11-27-16 DB The Beat

November 30, 2016

Pastor Darlene teaches how we can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Is there anything that will hinder you? We must always want more of God. You must show God that your priorities have changed. The Holy Spirit will rearrange things on the inside. If the Holy Spirit is in you there will be fruit. We don't have to tarry for the baptism we just need to believe for it. The Holy Spirit will give you power! We get to get something from God to give to someone else. Be not ashamed of the gospel. The Holy Spirit will reveal.

New birth baptism

Water baptism

Holy Spirit baptism

Pray in the Holy Spirit daily. Repent, be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


SRC 11-27-16 LB2 The Beat Of The Drum

November 28, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we can follow the beat of a drum that is wrong. Heard Mentality can cause you to follow the crowd in good or bad situations. You will know God's people by their fruit. To be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God. If you want your life to matter you must walk to the beat of the Word. It is not easy to march to the beat of a different drum. The trick of the devil is to separate you from the body. If you march with God he will march with you.


SRC 11-23-16 DB Giving Thanks

November 25, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that in everything we should give thanks!!! We can give thanks in the midst of bad things because God is working it for our good! Thanks can turn your situation around. Stop complaining long enough for God to get the glory out of your situation. When you are unthankful you can bring a curse on your life. Thank God for what He's already done. Jesus gave thanks!

Discouragement starts in an unthankful heart.

"I get to. . . "

Three types of giving

1. Grudging

2. Duty

3. Thanksgiving


God loads us down with benefits.

Gratitude = Grace

Think = Thank

Just tell the Lord thank you! Unthankfulness is like rejection to God. Gratitude changes your attitude!


SRC 11-20-16 DB Prayers That Bring Results

November 21, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that  we must have an understanding of what can hinder our prayers. The enemy listens for your words. Our words can alert Heaven and the devil. Your prayers must agree with your words.  Your words can cancel out your prayers. Your words an give instructions to your body and eventually it will line up! Gods word produces faith! If you pray your problems it will grow worse. If you pray your desire it will come to pass. Satan wants us to pray out of our fear and not our faith. Jesus' death was the only sacrifice that God needs. One of the devil's most effective weapons is discouragement. Prayer puts your focus on God. Prayer causes you to stop looking in and start looking up.


Hindrances to answered prayer:

Unconfessed Sin




Answered Prayers:





SRC 11-16-16 LB2 Coming In For A Landing

November 20, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we must be led by the Spirit of God. Basic requirement for a church is being led by the Holy Ghost. A church should always allow the Spirit of God to move. The Holy Spirit is a person. If you are struggling with sin get full of the Holy Spirit.
Dove (one of the symbols of the HS) is very sensitive. The Holy Ghost will not dwell with your ego. The Holy Spirit will only land on the ones who have the nature of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit will give you:
Sacrificially laid down life
Being touched by the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to remain is two different things. The Holy Spirit will not stay with you if you don't yield to his nudges to change. If the Holy Spirit came in for a landing could He land on you? Is the Holy Spirit allowed to abide in you?


SRC 11-13-16 LB2 The Wake Of The Mighty

November 16, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that God came to qualify the unqualified. God picks misfits and makes them champions! If you're going to be mighty in God we must hold on to the word of God. Let your hand be frozen to the truth. We must stand our ground. Mighty men and women must be loyal to Jesus. Loyalty is over talent. When you stand in the gap and swing a big stick at the devil then you will bring a ripple effect that will last for generations in God. When was the last time you gave something that was a sacrifice for God. You will have to make Mighty obstacles to be great. Slam shut the door of your past. Cut everything loose that doesn't bring you closer to God. Be reckless for God. We must wake up! 


SRC 11-13-16 LB2 It’s About Time

November 14, 2016

Pastor LBII preached that during this time we must put our trust in the Lord! Never bet against a praying church. People that hate the truth think that truth is hate. We must be separate from the world so that God will receive us. Sometimes God is the God of addition but sometimes He subtracts and divides. The gap between the righteous and the unrighteous will become greater. It's about time the church comes together and prays! God has given America a place to repent. If prayer got is here it will take prayer to keep us here. We are on the brink of a mighty move of God! 4 yrs from now the slogan will be "A president for all people". Could be the Anti-Christ. There is danger in 90% truth. We must be full of the Holy Ghost! Many will be deceived in the last days.


SRC 11-9-16 DB It’s God’s

November 11, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that you must give God what belongs to Him (tithe). We give full access to the devil if we don't tithe. 20% of the church pays tithes and does all the work. every offering is a test of your trust for God and if you will be obedient. Anything that has value should have tithe taken out. Attacks will come and God cannot rebuke the devourer. What if the blessings of God are withheld because we don't give to God. When you break God's law you are out of order. Your return on tithes come in many ways: Health, promotions, ect.


SRC 11-6-16 LB2 High Places

November 9, 2016

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Pastor LBII Preaches that we can be asleep and not paying attention to what is going on today. We must love God with all your heart, mind, and strength. We can choose to worship the God of convenience, perversion, ect or worship the true and living God. We can not be passive!!! God will only abide in certain places. We must tear down the high places that are not of God. People want to be through with the devil but not with the sin. We should be continually led by the spirit of God. Three high places that need to be torn down in church: 1. Complacency 2. Religion/Denomination 3. Man Worship


SRC 11-6-16 DB When You Got Nothing Left But God

November 7, 2016

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Pastor Darlene preaches that when you have nothing left but God you have enough to start over! Suffered- forfeited everything. Most men in the Bible had to lose everything before God could use them. Some of us have come to SRC and had to give up family and friends. Are you willing to give it all to God? God sometimes will take us down to nothing to see if He can trust you. Waive goodbye to what you have lost and your regrets. Regret- mental sorrow for past conduct or negligence. If you have God you have enough! He will only allow you to give up for the lesser for the greater. 


SRC 11-2-16 Crystal Lyons You’re Not Normal

November 4, 2016

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Crystal preaches that now is the time to become who God called us to be. When we were saved we became supernatural. God is preparing a supernatural bride to be with him. Peculiar - superhuman. God created us to have our spirit to be seen on the outside not the inside. We need to practice in maturing in who we already are. Gal 4:3 We can find refuge and pasture in God. We are a devil catching fire breathing saint of God. We have the authority of God-we don't need a title! God is looking for a generation to turn the tide of this world. If you make room for Jesus he will come!


SRC 10-30-16 LB2 Ready To Launch Part 2

November 2, 2016

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Pastor LBII continues his series and teaches that we should make a decision to live by the word of God. We should put on the whole armor of God to be able to stand in the evil day. When you bind the strong man you can get free and set others free. We can get our stuff back! Strong man - lust, addiction, etc.  

1. Identify the strong man

Agree - harmonize - two come together in prayer. Bind with duet power! If God can anoint a stick He can use us!!! Praise will launch an attack. Bind, loose, proclaim!!!


SRC 10-30-16 LB2 The Commanders Intent

October 31, 2016

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Pastor LBII preaches that we should have one single focus (the commander's intent-the word)! He speaks that one candidate/party's thoughts and what they stand for is against the word of God! We must stand for the Lord with our vote! 


SRC 10-26-16 LB2 Ready To Launch

October 28, 2016

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Pastor LBII preaches that when we have a residue of sin we must launch an attack on the devil. We can be lost, blind, and deaf to the word/Spirit of God. We are in Spiritual Warfare. We must be fasted and have a prayer life in order to launch an attack on the kingdom of darkness! You can be in satan's army and not know it. Certain demons are assigned to certain areas. Don't be mad at the "people" but bind the strong man (the spirits). The one who wins the battle in the heavenlies wins the war! Prayer Service!!! 


SRC 10-23-16 Jackie Midkiff A Word Prospective

October 26, 2016

Pastor Jackie preaches that we must look through at our situation through God's perspective. Perspective- A particular attitude or way of regarding someone or something. We should have a Word perspective and not a world perspective. Have faith in God! Faith perspective. Faith is the things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Joy perspective. Happiness is situational and joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Love perspective. Love endures with patience.... God perspective. Looking through the eyes of The word. Believer's perspective. God did not given me the spirit of fear. Don't wait until tragedy strikes to change your perspective. 


SRC 10-23-16 DB Distractions Equals Destruction

October 24, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that when we are distracted we can be deceived and destroyed. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, the pride of life. You can destroy your relationship with God when you touch that which He tells you not to touch. Satan/sin will take you further than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay. Sin will lure you but not tell you the price you have to pay. Women, power and money are the three biggest distractions. Sin blinds the mind and perverts the will. Daily acknowledge the Holy Spirit and seek him for direction. You can't serve two masters!


SRC 10-19-16 LB2 Fight Or Flight

October 21, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that God saw something in us that we would be able to fight in 2016 and not take flight in fear. We should have no back up in you! We should be running toward the devil! God saved his best for last! We should have a fight or flight plan. We don't have the resources to beat the devil at his own games. But we should stand boldly in the security of God! Sometimes it's going to be a split decision of what we need to do!


SRC 10-16-16 DB Getting Man’s Approval

October 19, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that we should never desire to please man over pleasing God. Rejection is a strong emotion. Jesus was tempted in all things including rejection. Acts 12. When a mans ways please God - He will bless us. What will it cost to not please people. If we are accepted by God we will be rejected by this world. What good will the opinion of others mean in judgment. The power of this gospel is not by acceptance of others. Who are you trying to impress? People will switch up on you!!! Few will walk on the straight way. 


SRC 10-16-16 DB How Much Influence Do You Have

October 17, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that we must be consistent so that we can influence others. If we are grounded and settled in God we will be rewarded. If we hold on to God's promises we will be partakers in His Devine nature! If we waver Satan can get us to have doubt and unbelief. Do you believe that God can do anything through you? Use your influence wherever you go! When you abide in God you will live more in the spiritual realm than the natural. We have opportunity to share Jesus wherever we go.


SRC 10-12-16 LB2 Let It Be Me

October 13, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we should want to be the one that stands out for God. The church needs to get back to the simple Gospel. We should be comforted or afraid when we read the Word. We God hears a true sincerely broken heart He will have mercy.  We must stand in the gap for this Nation! 2 Kings 22:20. God will rather take some rather than allow Evil to reign. We are predestined! Whatever idol you have in your life you need to smash them into fine powder!!!


SRC 10-9-16 LB2 1-2 Punch

October 12, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we need to put action to our faith. Faith without works is dead! Act like you believe that you are healed, saved, blessed, etc. If we want more of God we must pray more and read the Bible more.  This is the quickest way to go to another level. Do something to prove to God that you believe that your prayers are answered. With trust comes freedom! When God can trust you He will give it to you. Do not let your tongue stop your miracle! Put legs on your faith!


SRC 10-9-16 DB Keep On Keeping On

October 10, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that everything that we need to complete God's work has already been supplied. We have to daily seek the face of God. We must endure until the end. The first step to spiritual maturity is having faith in God. Champions are made before they get to the competition. We grow by the sincere milk of the word. Our flesh is our biggest hinderance! Discernment is essential to spiritual growth.


SRC 10-5-16 LB2 The Great Divide

October 7, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that the Word will divide the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit come before the gifts of the Spirit. If people are proud then they are not operating in the Spirit of God. You will know them by their fruit. You have to be faithful in and out of season. Works of the flesh:  adultery, fornication, uncleaness, lasciviousness (lustful acts), idolatry. Witchcraft, hatred, variance (debating) emulation (intense desire to outdo someone), wrath, strife, seditions, envying, murders (to kill someone's happiness), drunkenness (to override your consciousness) reveling (lustful actions, partying). There are also fruit of the Spirit. Sanctification is a daily process. Whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth/life. 


SRC 10-2-16 DB It’s Time To Rest

October 5, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that the battles are intensified now because the enemy knows his time is short  We must take our rest in God.  Battles must start on our knees.  We cannot get weary.  We are tired but the battle is not ours it's the Lord's.  God allows us to go through a process.  Rest in the word of God. There are more with us than there are with them.  The enemy wants you to waver.  Don't get weary in well doing.  Preach what the word says to the devil.   


SRC 10-2-16 LB2 A Higher Purpose Part 2

October 3, 2016

Pastor LBII continues his series on having a higher purpose.  We should focus more on our higher purpose than on the things in the world.  If your purpose in life is in a selfish position, then something is out of rhythm with God.  If you are only into yourself - you're miserable.  There is joy in giving.  When you serve others, you are laying up treasure in heaven.  Our hearts can get out of rhythm spiritually with God when we are seeking things other than God.  We should do something that will change our lives forever. 


SRC 9-28-16 Jason Bowman Spiritual Warfare

September 30, 2016

Pastor Jason preaches that we are in a fight in this nation. However the fight is in the super natural not the natural. You may be in a battle but you are not alone!! There are more with you than with them! People are not your problem!! Don't apply natural solution to super natural problem! We are no longer slaves to sin! If something doesn't line up with the Word then it's a lie! If the truth sets you free then a lie will keep you bound. The devil is "like" a lion. But the Lion of Judah - Jesus. Surrender to God or die! The devil is organized. Resist the devil and submit to God. Guard what comes out of your mouth. In the last days don't be offended. Feet shod with peace. Shield of Faith. Helmet of Salvation. Pray in the Spirit.


SRC 9-25-16 DB Faith That Glorifies God

September 28, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that we can change when use our faith that will glorify God! We must believe that God will do the work. We do the possible and He will do the impossible. Who you really are will come out under pressure! Call and leave yourself a message to encourage yourself. Don't settle! Faith holds on to the promise. Don't allow your past to rob your future. Stay with those that are going somewhere. Hope propels us into the future. Faith will cause you to cross over to Miracle territory. God will give you double for everything that you give up.


SRC 9-25-16 DB Where Will You Spend Eternity

September 25, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that  Destiny has three appointments - death, judgement and eternity. Hell was created for the devil and his angels. Once you are in hell there is no possibility of escaping. Once you reject Jesus you will inherit hell. In the judgement after death there will be no attorney or appeals. You can't trust in your religion. There is a gulf between heaven and hell that cannot be crossed. The womb will forget their children. Great torments that will never cease in hell. Hell and destruction is never full because men are never satisfied from sin. When you have been there a trillion years you still have no less days to be there.


SRC 9-21-16 DB Knowing More About Our Companion

September 23, 2016

Pastor Darlene teaches about the functions of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is omnipresent and omniscient. Pentecost is where you are filled by the Holy Ghost. If we are a companion with the Holy Spirit then we won't sin. The Holy Spirit is my friend. We should follow the voice of the Holy Spirit and not grieve his leadings. It's not God's will that we struggle. You may be working for God but you better get quiet and get to know Him! We should live in the power of the Spirit. We can do nothing apart from Him. You either walk in the Spirit or in your flesh - there is no middle. The Holy Spirit is my helper. The Holy Spirit gives us power and wisdom. He draws us in and convinces us to be saved. The Holy Spirit gives is everything we need to succeed. 


SRC 9-18-16 DB If I Make My Bed In Hell

September 21, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that there is no where you can go to flee from the presence of God! If you misplace your priorities you can easily get to a place where you run from God. The presence of God will push out every ungodly thing. Call on the name of the Lord. Backsliding doesn't happen overnight. God's eye is all seeing. Angels recording everything. 


SRC 9-18-16 LB2 A Higher Purpose

September 19, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that the ambition of the world is to be known by others but the body of Christ are called to a higher purpose. Christians should know that we are called to touch others. We should be concerned about changing the lives of others. If you yoke up with someone because of lust it will not end well. We can have a sin zone, a repent zone and a place where sin will result in death. If you have a higher purpose can stand to be lonely on a Friday night. If you are tired of the effects of sin stop sinning. We should rise above it - when people talk about you. In order for you to get even with those that come against you, you have to come down to their level.


SRC 9-14-16 Aaron Crabb Rebuild The Wall

September 16, 2016

Aaron preaches that the enemy is trying to break down our walls, but God is rebuilding. Walls can set an atmosphere and limit access!  Keep things safe on the inside. Keeps hurtful things outside. The higher the flood the higher God will raise you up! The blood of Jesus covers us! God can rebuild your purpose, your passion, your marriage, your dreams! God will rebuild your hope! God will give you a second chance!!! "I'm building my wall back!!!" God will fill your cracks in your life! God will send people your way when He's building. Trust God to pick up the pieces. Breakthrough is coming! The wall of truth and integrity is being built!


SRC 9-11-16 LB2 The Three Way Solution

September 14, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that things start in your head, goes to your heart, comes out of your mouth. It's easier to resist a thought than to resist a situation. We must remove situations so we can change our thoughts. We must diligently seek God! He will reward us! Rom 14:23  .... Whatever is not of faith is sin! What is your motive?  Check your heart. We must be rich toward God. 


SRC 9-11-16 DB Your Hope Represents Your Future

September 12, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that our hope is in the Lord. Sin=any action thought or word that violates the standard that God would have us to live by. Genuine love is not forced. Faith and hope go together. Our faith has to be in the word of God. We should direct our faith toward what the word of God says about our situation. We should have a reason for why we believe God. God is faithful that promised so we can trust in him. We need to make a confession of our faith. Depression is the loss of faith. Despair is the loss of hope. When we don't have these two things we forfeit God's plan for our lives. We should look to the author of our faith for our future. When God has the evidence that you are standing in faith he will honor your request.


SRC 9-7-16 DB Growing Up

September 9, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that we must grow up so that we can do what God calls us to do. God loans us his anointing for what he wants done. He qualifies us. We have everything we need inside of us but we must mature. Christian maturity = making Christ the center of everything we do and not leaning on our flesh. There are two sides of offense- people who have been treated unjustly and people who think they have been treated unjustly. We have no right to hold a grudge against anyone. To like someone takes maturity. When you are overqualified in one area God will graduate you to the next level. Be unoffendable! You cannot please man-please God and he will give you favor with man. 


SRC 9-4-16 LB2 Biker Sunday

September 7, 2016

Pastor Lawrence preaches that we have to be a church that stands up for Jesus. If you talk and walk like the world then that is evil. All world evil is coming to an End!


SRC 9-4-16 LB2 The Chambers Of Your Imagery

September 5, 2016

Pastor Lawrence preaches that the dark places of our lives are never hidden from God. Sin make you stupid! We will be judged on the dirtiest part of our lives not just on what people see. If you keep the room where only you and God go clean-then He can use you mightily. If you are tempted in an area then you shouldn't allow it to become close to you. We must check secret sin! Don't boast of your immunity to sin. Don't test your immunity to sin. If we have lived our lives closer to Jesus than to the world then we haven't missed anything. Always over shoot the mark. Who are you in that secret room?


SRC 8-31-16 Mark Trice What If It’s True

September 4, 2016

Pastor Mark poses the question What if the bible is true?

Most common lies that the devil tells:

Lie:  God does not exist

Lie: The bible is just a book

Lie: Everyone else is doing it so you might as well do it too. 

Lie: The devil doesn't exist 

Lie: When you die life is over - there is no eternity. God will never change His word. Your lifestyle must change and adjust to God's Word. We've forgotten about the power of prayer. We're following people for the wrong reasons. We should make decisions based on the word of God. 


SRC 8-28-16 LB2 Framing God

August 31, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we can shift our views of God. Have you framed God into something that He is not? God cannot break the laws that He created. The wages of sin is death. People sometimes suffer because we don't do what He called us to do. Your picture of God must be fixed before we can be used by Him. God doesn't owe us an explanation. God is a just God. 


8-28-16 DB I Will Never Be Over The Hill

August 29, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that  just one trip over a hill, Jesus paid it all for us. Jesus paid a debt we could never pay. People abuse themselves because they don't know their value. We are valuable!!!! Don't give yourself to anybody or anything that will decrease your value!!! Jesus is the ransom (the one that pays for a slave). We are bought with a price! When we accept Jesus we make a trip to the hill. 


SRC 8-24-16 DB Reviving What Is Left

August 26, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that we need to revive that which is dead. God knows your thoughts and your secrets. God cannot resurrect anything that is not dead. Hypocrisy is the enemy of your deliverance. If your image means more to you than God then you have a problem. Strengthen that which remains. Jesus works with what you have left over. A seed can't be what it is until it dies. God can use just a crumb. If you feel dead God can resurrect you!


SRC 8-21-16 DB The Silent Killer

August 24, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that envy will kill you! 

Envy = Jealousy + Hate

Blessed people are broken people. Envious people don't know what others have been through. If you are a blessing to any one, you have been broken. Lord help us to never be envious. Test: Are you glad for others when they are blessed? Devil tries to steal your peace and joy and wants. To replace it with envy and strife. Love your enemies. Envy caused them to nail Jesus to the cross. God will raise up your enemies so that you can bless them. Envious people don't believe in their own gifts. Envy is a sin that carries its own punishment. 


SRC 8-21-16 LB2 Untying God Part 2

August 22, 2016

Pastor LBII continues to teach that we can tie God's hands, by what we don't do. When we are continually in the presence of God we will be able to sense God's expression and hear His voice. God is not obligated to get in our presence but we are obligated to get into His. What have you missed by not being in God's presence. Be obedient and do all that God tells you to do. God can't bless you on top of your sin. Do it God's way and He will see you through. We should say God's word! 


SRC 6-17-16 Bishop Mark Filkey Being Born Again

August 18, 2016

Bishop Mark Filkey preaches that Your physical presence intimidates the power of darkness. Every time you move your hand - ripples go through the atmosphere. Your religion cannot get in front your relationship. Your anointing is not in any thing external. Become your anointing and people will be drawn to Jesus in you. Prophetic Word: This church is going through an explosive growth! Young people with tattoos and tracks, etc. Use your superpowers for good. The key to releasing super natural power is predicated on surrendering. The Holy Spirit wants that place where we have allowed unauthorized spirits. Surrender your tongue, your mind your emotions. When you walk in light dark passes. Favor favor favor! Multiplication! Needs move the heart of God, faith moves the hand of God. Sow into what you are believing God for.


SRC 8-14-16 DB Obeying The Law

August 15, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that    the law of God says that we must speak what the Word says in order to have it. Our words profess our success or our defeat. Our words should line up and match what God says about us. If we plant seeds we will reap a harvest. We are more than conquerors! Watch every idle word! We are who we say we are! Our words/thoughts speak to God. We should keep the law of God. Praise takes us into the presence of God. A fools mouth is his destruction. Words are transmitters. The word is life and health to all your flesh! Your mouth can announce your next victory or your next defeat. 


SRC 8-10-16 LB2 Deputized And Ready Part 4

August 15, 2016

Pastor LBII preaches that we have gone from servants to sons. You are deputized and ready to speak God's word over your life and it has to go!!! We have to believe the word and confess it! Speak John 10:10 over your life! Talk to God and the devil and speak that you have life more abundantly! If you need a miracle you need to confess the word even when your circumstances say the opposite. God's word is voice activated!


SRC 8-7-16 Nathan Morris Rainmaker

August 10, 2016

Pastor Nathan preaches that the promises of God come through the blood!  Divine Exchange - Jesus became sin so we could be the righteousness of God. We must grow up to be the righteousness of God! Not living in offenses. God uses the enemy as a puppet to fulfill His purpose. All of Heaven knows who you are. Everyone can have famine in their lives. Famine can humble you. In the midst of the famine God can send the abundance of rain! I hear a sound! John 3 that which is flesh is flesh, that which is spirit is spirit. We are pregnant with something but the enemy wants to tear down that what we have heard! Take it by force!!!! Go again! Look again! Believe again!!!


SRC 8-7-16 Nathan Morris Connected

August 8, 2016

Pastor Morris preaches that we are in a fight but that since we are connected to the Father, that we win! The devil is only scared of the destiny that is on your lives. We are are heirs of God and we have the inheritance of Him!!! We must use what God has already given us. Stay connected to the Vine! We have been grafted in. Whatever you are connected to will become you. If you want to know if a man or woman is in God, examine the fruit. Sometimes people hold on to branches that has cut years ago. Let it go! Fast Food Christianity does not work with God. God will never take anything away from you that He is not going to give you back 100 fold. 


SRC 8-3-16 DB You Are Already Blessed

August 5, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that God has already gone ahead  of us and have answered our prayers. We get caught up between sight and faith but we must be spiritually minded. Money doesn't decide our blessings. The just shall live by faith. We don't have to wait till by and by, but we must see where we want to be. Our Faith will take us from invisible to visible. We have to understand why God is doing what He is doing. Keep going on!!! God will put you in a place where no one can help you but Him. Tell the devil it was mine before you were created!!! You have already won!!!


SRC 7-31-16 LB2 deputized and ready part 3

August 3, 2016

Pastor LBII continues his series and preaches that if we are sons we cannot enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. If you don't realize why you have been deputized then you can sell out. Sometimes a period is a comma. Your flesh man (elder) will serve the born again man (younger). Don't trade your inheritance for something temporary. When you recognize who you belong to you will understand the authority of your Father.


SRC 7-31-16 DB Have You Been Deputized

August 1, 2016

Pastor Darlene preaches that A deputy is to act as a substitute for our superior. The violent take it by force. Light expels the darkness. We must train our children. We have all power and authority over the enemy! Pray in the Holy Spirit! Recess is over! We must declare war over the enemy!!!